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Creating a policy

Pupil concentrating

Development of a gifted and talented policy demonstrates a school's commitment to providing learners with the opportunities to excel in the enhancement of their skills and knowledge.

The school policy needs to reflect what the school is doing to support gifted and talented learners. It should refer to local authority input, the individual school approach and how the policy relates to the inclusion agenda. It will also need to include working with parents and additional organisations and specialists.

The policy should illustrate:

  • the overall ethos and approach to G&T in the school
  • how G&T within the school is managed
  • what the school means by G&T. An agreed definition is needed which can be used by all staff
  • how the school identifies G&T students
  • the different types of provision made available for these learners which should also indicate how support is tailored for individuals, both within and beyond the classroom
  • the various teaching and learning approaches, including teaching styles, use of resources and activities and whether streaming is used. How are these distinctive?
  • how provision is tailored to meet the needs of identified groups within the G&T group, e.g. those from disadvantaged backgrounds, new arrivals, or those with EAL
  • the relationship dynamics with parents and organisations
  • the training of teachers and staff development to support the implementation of the policy
  • approaches to monitoring and evaluation.