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Deep Cells

Deep Cells

Think like a scientist! An online resource for KS3 students


Key stage 3 science students working at level 6 and beyond, and their teachers.


Deep Cells was written by experts from the Secondary National Strategy to deliver directly into the KS3 Science Framework and support the compacted KS3 curriculum.

The resource enables learners to apply what they know about unicellular organisms to multicellular organisms. It is structured to promote scientific thinking skills and encourage students to make links between concepts – to think like a scientist!


The resource contains two sites:

  1. Teachers' site – gives detailed guidance on planning and delivery of material.
  2. Pupils' site – features a suite of carefully structured learning activities for independent learning.

There are two main activities within the site:

  • Learning activity 1 explores the functions and structure of the amoeba.
  • Learning activity 2 explores the human heart, blood, lungs and gut.

Key skills developed:

  • Generating scientific questions and hypotheses
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Independent research and the use of source material
  • Developing the ability to critically examine scientific analogies/models

Online resource

Deep Cells