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Take Me Seriously

DIY Take Me Seriously

Persuasive and critical thinking skills for KS3 and KS4

About Take Me Seriously

Take Me Seriously is a critical thinking course that encourages students to investigate argument and viewpoint.

Teams are put in the position of PR agents for celebrities seeking to raise their profile by becoming ambassadors for worthy causes. They will need to research a suitable focus, use their persuasive skills in encouraging the chosen organisation to select their client, and create a pitch for an appeal.

This downloadable lesson kit provides you with everything you need to run Take Me Seriously with your students.

Download DIY lesson kit as a Self extracting file (Windows OS only)

Download DIY lesson kit as a zip file


Visit the Creating Classroom Challenge forum to find out how other teachers are using Take Me Seriously. If you have queries or need guidance about using the kit, post your questions in the Take Me Seriously discussion thread and one of our experts will respond.