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Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey

Exploring myth, character and culture


Key stage 3–5 English and media studies.


Hero's Journey encourages students to explore the structure of mythic narratives and archetypal characters. Students learn about the stages of the hero's journey, aided by colourful illustrations from film and myth.


The resource provides an accessible yet challenging theoretical framework and can be used as a starting point for the investigation of key concepts such as genre, representation and ideology. Students can explore archetypes and the stages of the hero's journey with examples and illustrations used throughout to aid understanding. The Hero's Journey resource launches students into a range of creative and analytical activities.

Hero's Journey can be used by individual students, small groups or with whole classes through the interactive whiteboard.


This resource is based on the writings of Joseph Campbell (e.g. The Hero with a Thousand Faces) and his theory on the journey of the archetypical hero in world religions and mythologies.

For more information go to the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

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Hero's Journey