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Do you think your child may be gifted or show a talent for sport, music or art? Are you looking for advice on how to support your child at home?

What do the terms gifted and talented mean?

Gifted and talented are nationally agreed definitions. The term 'gifted' is used to describe learners who have specific abilities in academic subjects, whilst 'talented' refers to those with particular ability in sports, music and the creative arts. 'Gifted and talented' refers to learners with high ability in both these areas.

School gifted and talented register

All schools are required to identify a gifted and talented cohort which should comprise the top 5 to 10 per cent of their students. When identifying the gifted and talented, schools need to use a range of qualitative and quantitative strategies to ensure that all learners are given an opportunity to be identified.

Easy walkthroughs

These short animations introduce you to the key issues surrounding gifted and talented education. They contain useful tips and practical advice to:

  • help you identify gifted and talented learners
  • introduce you to different learning styles
  • suggest ways of developing your child's thinking skills.

Follow these steps for the easy walkthroughs:

  1. Identifying gifted and talented students
  2. Identifying able underachievers
  3. Learning styles
  4. Thinking skills

Further information

The websites below provide more information and advice. You can also contact the gifted and talented co-ordinator or leading teacher in your child's school. If this is not possible, get in touch with the gifted and talented lead in your local authority.