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Urban Scholars

Urban Scholars

Raising achievement for gifted students


  • Classroom teachers
  • Curriculum leaders
  • Senior managers


The Urban Scholars programme was developed to enhance the long-term opportunities for groups of young people at risk of underachievement. This programme was designed to build confidence, provide appropriate skills relating to both self-determined interests and future career opportunities and to raise attainment.


Teachers will be able to use the following lessons within whole-class or small-group teaching:

  1. Critical thinking: differentiation between reasoning and reflective thinking. How to form successful arguments and develop evaluation and reasoning skills.
  2. Diary writing: analysis of the varied styles of personal account writing, from Anne Frank's diary to the 'Baghdad Blogger.'
  3. ID Cards: understanding and evaluating arguments.
  4. Maths enquiry skills: discovering the Fibonacci sequence.
  5. Writing skills: workshop based on Wilfred Owens' poem Anthem for Doomed Youth.
  6. Research project: bringing together the skills learnt in previous lessons.

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1. Critical thinking

2. Diary writing

3. ID cards

4. Maths enquiry skills

5. Writing skills

6. Research project