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St Olave's A-level row head suspended

The head of a grammar school where pupils were stopped from taking A-levels has been suspended.

'He hid in a cupboard - we just couldn't get him to school'

When Evelyn and Tony adopted Ryan at the age of seven, his special needs were not immediately apparent.

Cambridge Uni students get Shakespeare trigger warnings

Cambridge University students are given "trigger alerts" that they might be upset by some text.

'Go to the dentist and get fined £100'

Dentists warn that thousands of vulnerable people are wrongly being fined over dental treatment.

'I found a job I love through battling depression'

Catherine says becoming ill at university inspired a career in mental health social work.

The Daily Telegraph

Pictures of the Day: 19 October 2017

Calls for public inquiry into whether Isil ringleader received taxpayers' money

Penny Lancaster alleges she was drugged and sexually assaulted as a young model

Tory MPs under age of 35 form group to win over young voters who flocked to Labour

How 'virtual fences' are helping to stop baboon raids in South Africa

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