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'Value for money' review of £1.3bn university funding

A review will examine how university funding can be targeted at priority subjects.

London council's special needs inquiry caused by 'systemic failures'

The cases of all children with suspected special educational needs in Richmond are going to be reviewed.

Social media data needed for 'harm' research, say doctors

Understanding usage by children is key to studying potential harms and benefits, psychiatrists say.

'Grade inflation' in top degree grades stopping

The sharp rise in first class degrees from universities has stalled after pressure from ministers.

Pre-teen girls 'tricked into sex acts on webcams'

Tens of thousands of 11- to 13-year-olds are being tricked into performing sex acts, data suggests.

The Daily Telegraph

Belgium revokes hunting licences as hopes rise of first wolf cubs in 100 years

Macron evacuated from Paris theatre as protesters block exits over pension reforms

Fears over growth of isolation booths for disruptive schoolchildren

Donald Trump stirs tensions before Virginia gun rally by saying Second Amendment is 'under attack'

Iran's supreme leader says Europe 'cannot be trusted' in rare Friday prayers address

The Guardian