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Natasha Abrahart suicide: University discriminated against student

A judge rules the University of Bristol failed to make adjustments for her social anxiety disorder.

Women awarded damages over Japan exam discrimination

Juntendo University in Tokyo set stricter requirements for female medical students in entrance exams.

Natasha Abrahart suicide: Parents call for universities to change

The family of Natasha Abrahart is taking civil action against the University of Bristol.

Girls see physics as for white men only, MPs told

"If you are black or a woman, you don't see yourself fitting in," a leading female physicist says.

New sex education programme for Catholic primaries

It covers topics like same-sex attraction, puberty and conception but not contraception.

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Friday evening news briefing: Could Vladimir Putin turn off Germany's gas taps?

Watch: Machete-wielding knifeman hacks at random Tube passenger in 'horror movie' attack

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Turn on your anti-theft car tracker or risk losing insurance payout, vehicle owners warned

Mercedes-Benz ‘Mona Lisa’ becomes most expensive car ever after £115m sale

The Guardian