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Opening schools a national priority, says government

Schools Minister Nick Gibb says schools and families will have two weeks' notice for reopening.

Poor white teens in 'left behind' towns not going to uni

Watchdog warns of low university chances for white working class youths in former industrial towns.

'Knackered and confused.' That's just the parents

The lack of certainty about schools returning is fraying the exhausted nerves of parents.

Covid: Oldham school to withdraw places for lockdown-breach pupils

Several pupils at the school admitted visiting other households, breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules.

Covid: Schools will be told of reopening plans 'as soon as we can'

Boris Johnson says he understands parents' frustrations but the infection rate is "still very high".

The Daily Telegraph

The priority list for the Covid vaccines - and how you will be contacted

HS2 protesters to occupy 100ft tunnel network under Euston station park

How many coronavirus cases have there been in your area? Use our tool to find out

Remote working allows families to book extra long staycations

What Donald Trump's impeachment means and his chances of a comeback

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