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Good grades and a desk 'key for university hopes'

High parental expectations and being happy at school are also important factors, a study suggests.

Oxford Union debate: Blind student 'violently' pulled from seat

Ebenezer Azamati says he felt "unwelcome" in Britain after being "violently removed" from the Oxford Union.

Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy'

More managerial jobs generate more meetings, but they are not about making decisions, says a study.

Warwick University Hong Kong exchange students called back to UK

The University of Warwick said it is "no longer appropriate" for its students to remain in Hong Kong.

One in 50 'children in need' are not yet born

Rising numbers of children are being officially labelled as vulnerable before they are even born.

The Daily Telegraph

Pernod Ricard accused of putting 'constant pressure' on staff to drink on the job

Hong Kong protesters attempt daring escape down ropes as police seal off university

Russian mercenaries 'beat and beheaded Syrian man' in leaked video 

Wolf Pack rapists on trial in separate case of groping unconscious woman in car

Jodie Chesney's killer jailed for life as judge laments criminals 'carving up areas' of London

The Guardian