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Gifted and talented are nationally agreed definitions. In Teacher Tools, 'gifted' is used to describe learners who have specific abilities in academic subjects, whilst 'talented' refers to those with particular ability in sports, music and the creative arts. 'Gifted and talented' refers to learners with high ability in both these areas.

All schools are required to identify a gifted and talented cohort which should comprise the top 5 to 10 per cent of their students. When identifying the gifted and talented, schools need to use a range of qualitative and quantitative strategies to ensure that all learners are given an opportunity to be identified.

The gifted and talented group should comprise of approximately two thirds gifted and one third talented. It is important that this group is representative of the whole school population in terms of gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic background.


Gifted is a term used to describe students with particular academic ability.

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Identifying talented learners can cause teachers concern, particularly when talents are 'hidden'.

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Learning styles

Teachers need to respond to the learning styles of their students. Failure to take consideration of these differences can lead to a curriculum that is neither accessible nor engaging.

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Hard to identify

It may be easy for high achieving learners to be identified but being gifted and talented is more than the ability to succeed in tests and exams. Potential might also be hidden, or masked by factors such as self-esteem, boredom, language skills and learning difficulties.

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VAK questionnaire

Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic VAK Questionnaire

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