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Learners of all abilities are routinely taught in inclusive classroom settings that are not designed exclusively for the educational needs of the brightest students. This means that teachers need to develop a broad range of strategies to provide suitable opportunities and learning experiences to challenge and stretch the more able.

Gifted and talented learners respond well to high expectations and high cognitive challenge. However cognitive challenge and stretch is not provided by increasing a learner's workload but by enhancing the complexity. Teachers therefore need to acknowledge this and provide personalised learning tailored to the needs of the individual.

What makes the learning environment beneficial for the gifted and talented learner? One that promotes independence, enquiry and collaboration and offers stretch and challenge.

Depth and breadth

Gifted and talented learners require opportunities that offer stretch and challenge.

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Preparing a lesson

The most effective lessons for gifted and talented learners are those that are planned.

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Gifted and talented learners need and enjoy variety and challenge.

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Thinking skills

The phrase 'think about it' is often heard in the classroom, but if learners are not taught how to think, how do they know what is expected of them?

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Questioning skills

Questioning enables teachers to check learners' understanding.

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Bloom's taxonomy

Read this synopsis of the novel and classify the questions using Bloom's Taxonomy

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Dalton's questions

Write out questions that will challenge the interpretation of this excerpt from Touching the Void

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