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"…to identify and provide specifically for gifted and talented pupils… is not just better teaching within existing structures, important as that is, but change in that structure so that the work of teachers has better effect…"

Lord Adonis
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools

For a gifted and talented programme to be successful it needs to be embedded and mapped across the whole school development plan. This requires the support of the head teacher and senior management team and may also require a culture shift within the school.

It is also important that there is a named gifted and talented co-ordinator to manage and drive the programme forward.

The role of the G&T co-ordinator guidance from Oxford Brookes University.

The Institutional Quality Standard is designed as a self-evaluation tool for schools and colleges to use to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in their provision for gifted and talented learners. It provides a sound basis for an action plan that can be included in the institution's overall improvement plan. It can also be used to support the introduction of personalised education across the whole school or college.

The identification of the gifted and talented cohort and in-school provision forms an integral part of the gifted and talented strand.

Creating a policy

Development of a gifted and talented policy demonstrates a school's commitment to providing learners with the opportunities to excel in the enhancement of their skills and knowledge.

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Monitoring gifted and talented provision

When students have been identified as gifted and talented, the school needs to ensure the progress of each individual is tracked and monitored, and that there is an appropriate teaching and learning programme in place.

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Training colleagues

Teachers working with gifted and talented learners need to know how to provide for these students.

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