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Tuition fees: Theresa May challenges over-priced universities

The prime minister launches a review amid "serious concerns" about university costs in England.

Education Secretary calls for tuition fee 'variety'

The education secretary suggests degree prices should reflect their value to society.

Lecturers want 'radical' tuition fee review

Lecturers want fundamental changes to how universities are funded and not 'tinkering at the edges'.

Lack of good religious education ‘leaves pupils at risk’

Quality RE lessons help stop religious stereotyping, says the Religious Education Council.

Teenagers' spending habits revealed

Girls spend £2.90 a week more than boys at the age of 13 to 15 as boys avoid buying soap and cosmetics.

The Daily Telegraph

Front Bench: Theresa May is dancing to Jeremy Corbyn's tune on tuition fees. Can it work? Have your say

Fat Britain: Average person eats 50pc more calories than they realise

Duchess of Cambridge gives a nod to Time's Up in royal green dress as Baftas stars turn out in black

Syrian regime fighters 'heading to Afrin to join Kurds in fight against Turkish forces'

National Portrait Gallery closes to the public for private fashion show of Royal favourite designer

The Guardian