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Learning styles

All students have slightly different learning styles. Those who understand how their pupils learn best are likely to provide effective and interesting lessons that encourage independence. Recognising one's own learning style helps to influence the teaching style.

Learning styles include:

  • Visual – through visual cues, facial expressions and utilisation of maps and information in a visual format to present ideas
  • Auditory – preference for verbal instructions, talk and discussions
  • Kinaesthetic – preference for active and hands on learning.

See the VAK questionnaire

Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence offers another way to understand and explain how people learn and develop different types of intelligence.

Intelligence Type Capability and Perception
Linguistic Words and language
Logical-mathematical Logic and numbers
Musical Music, sound and rhythm
Bodily-Kinaesthetic Body movement control
Spatial-visual Images and space
Interpersonal Other people's feelings
Intrapersonal Self-awareness

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