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Highly interactive tutorial and self–study resources for core mathematics at KS5

METRIC was developed at Imperial College (one of London Gifted & Talented's key partners), and is aimed at KS5 students – particularly those planning to make the transition to a numerate degree.

It covers the four core modules at A level and beyond, into further maths and first year undergraduate study. There are interactive modules on algebra, trigonometry, co–ordinate geometry, functions, differentiation, integration and more.

METRIC contains four kinds of resource.

  • Explanations of mathematical ideas
  • Tools for the mathematician or user of maths (such as graph plotters and calculators)
  • Interactive graphical explorations of the concepts underlying mathematical topics
  • Randomly generated self-test exercises for consolidating advanced skills

METRIC can be used for teacher–led sessions or in self–study mode.

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