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A teacher resource to help introduce pupils to a modern foreign language


Key stage 1–2 French.


Français is a dynamic teaching programme designed and implemented by Wendell Park Primary School in Hammersmith and Fulham. The aim of the 15 unit course is to offer key stage 1 and 2 pupils an interesting introduction to French, although the programme can be adapted for other modern foreign languages.


The course focuses principally on the development of speaking and listening skills with progression to reading and writing in French. The resource has been specifically written for teaching to mixed ability groups with additional tools and support for identifying and assisting gifted and talented pupils.

Each unit clearly sets out the learning objective and format for each lesson, and is supplemented with extension activities, homework ideas and resources for classroom learning.

Français works particularly well when used to incorporate learning on intercultural issues – for example, the geography and culture of the country where the target language is spoken. It also offers cross-curricular opportunities for teaching subjects such as PE, numeracy and music in the chosen language.

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