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In Between the Lines

In Between the Lines

High challenge activities for KS3 students


  • Key stage 3 students performing at level 7+ in English.
  • Also suitable for key stage 3, 4 and 5 students in English language, science, religious education and media studies.


In Between the Lines was developed by London Gifted & Talented with support from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. It promotes challenge in the classroom and benefits students by:

  • developing critical and creative thinking skills
  • analysing viewpoint, argument and opinion
  • promoting ethical debate around contentious issues
  • exploring the potential of presentational devices.

In Between the Lines can be used for class teaching, small group work and independent study.


In Between the Lines contains:

  • a series of tasks increasing in challenge within each activity
  • interactive tools (such as a mini documentary editor)
  • multimedia resources, including audio, video footage and web pages
  • transcripts and downloadable print versions of resources for working offline
  • 'save work' facility and option for teachers to assess work online.

The six activities can be undertaken in any order.

  • Activity 1 – the impact of advertising
  • Activity 2 – the use of animals in medical research
  • Activity 3 – freedom of information
  • Activity 4 – designer babies
  • Activity 5 – homelessness and begging
  • Activity 6 – the origin of life


In Between the Lines is currently free to use but does require a username and password to access the resource. See the sign in page for further details.

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In Between the Lines