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Taking Shape

Taking Shape

Interactive puzzles for KS2 and KS3 maths


Upper key stage 2 numeracy and key stage 3 maths.


Taking Shape develops students' knowledge of angles within shapes and how different angles can be found using a range of mathematical theories.. It can be used to reinforce ideas and extend the knowledge of pupils studying the 'understanding shape' area of the Renewed Primary Framework in Numeracy.


Taking Shape is a journey of detection and problem solving. It has four interactive puzzles to investigate. Learners must shadow Detective Dee Cipher as she works & using clues and applying logic to help her solve the four cases.

  • The case of the parallel plunderers
  • The curse of the pyramid
  • The case of the invisible mugger
  • The case of the colourful cadillac

Each case has its own visual and sound clues, glossary and prompts to help pupils as they investigate.

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Taking Shape