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Space Science

Space Science

Interactive simulations enabling KS4 science students to explore a 'universe of universes' and design a mission to outer space


Key stage 4 science students.


Space Science keys into and extends key stage 4 science at higher level. Students draw on their existing knowledge of forces and energy, and begin using the powerful idea of momentum. The simulations are highly interactive and responsive. Tasks are clearly set, but there is ample opportunity for students to explore, and for teachers to build their own activities around these tools.


Key stage 4 students will rediscover Newton's theory of universal gravitation by experiment: by designing and testing their own mini–universes using London Gifted & Talented's 'universe' simulation.

Students can then go on to explore how gravity works and consider the enormous difficulties in any attempt to escape the Earth's pull. Using the 'rocket' simulation, students will be able to design and build their own spacecraft to meet this severe engineering challenge.

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Space Science